Cedar Hot Tubs

Enjoy bathing in a quiet cedar hot tub. With no noisy pumps or jets, you can relax and
to the soothing crackle of the wood fire.
Traditional, cooperage-style cedar hot tubs hand-crafted from Clear Western Red Cedar ensuring quality and craftsmanship that will stand the test of time.

The cedar hot tub seating arrangement is configured in a triangular shape.
Using no electricity, this uniquely designed wood-burning hot tub heater takes 3-4 hours to heat
your tub water from 8 to 40 degrees Celsius. Filtration and chemicals are not required due to
the natural oils and properties of Cedar Wood, which prevent the build up of grime. If you are looking to purchase tubs for commercial use, we do offer a Bromine filter. Call us a ring to discuss options.

Steps are included with your hot tub along with a railing, an aluminium heater and a vinyl tub cover in a colour of your choosing.

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Tub Sizes

Dimensions (cm) Seats
3x5ft (92 x 152) 2-4
3x6ft (92 x 182) 4-6
3x7ft (92 x 214) 5-8
4x5ft (122 x 152) 2-4
4x6ft (122 x 182) 4-6
4x7ft (122 x 214) 5-8
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clear western cedar wood


The Verdure Hot tub is only available in Clear Red Western cedar

metal fire box

Easy Clean

Easily empty wood fire ashes by removing and emptying the ash tray drawer.

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The large firebox provides ample space to build a quick fire for heating the hot tub.

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Heating Time

The tubs can be used for a cold tub beside your sauna or heat it up with the aluminum wood fired heater for a hot outdoor soaking bath. This tub will heat your water in 1 hour with a good quality fire.

hot tub marine-grade aluminum bands

High Quality

Hot tub bands are high-quality, marine-grade aluminum, and all exposed hardware is stainless steel.

hot tub tap

Easy Empty

Quickly empty the hot tub after use with this handy, easy-to-operate tap