Barrel Sauna

Our barrel saunas provide you with a memorable and exciting talking point to add to your garden. The natural Cedar Wood walls, at 1½” thick, provide excellent insulation as well as great structural strength.

Cedar Wood has a very long life span in outdoor environments, and the natural aroma makes it a perfect choice for use in Saunas. The tactile quality of the wood adds to the overall experience and enjoyment of the Sauna, and sits perfectly against the backdrop of any garden.

Traditionalists may opt to use a wood-burning heater, or otherwise a high quality Harvia Sound electric heater is available for those who prefer the conventional simplicity of electricity which starts with the turn of a dial. In the back wall of each Barrel Sauna is located a round ventilation system to ensure that air circulates around the interior.

Using state-of-the-art computerized milling equipment, our saunas are produced in easy-to-assemble kits that ensure they can be installed anywhere you wish.

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Dimensions (cm) Seats Material (Cedar Wood) Heater Size
6x6ft (183 x 183) 2-4 Clear or Knotty 4.5KW or Wood
6x7ft (183 x 214) 2-4 Clear or Knotty 4.5KW or Wood
6x8ft (183 x 242) 6-8 Clear or Knotty 6KW or Wood
7x6ft (213 x 183) 2-4 Clear or Knotty 6KW or Wood
7x7ft (214 x 214) 4-6 Clear or Knotty 8KW or Wood
7x8ft (214 x 242) 6-8 Clear or Knotty 8KW or Wood


knotty and clear wood


The barrel sauna is available in knotty or clear red western cedar.

barrel sauna add-ons


Additional extras include a cedar cove overhang; flat flooring; wild weather roofing; porch; extra windows; and a change room.

green electric and fire icon


There are two options for heating the sauna, traditional wood burning, or an electric heater.

green efficiency icon


The barrel design reduces the heating volume by 30% compared to traditional designs and improves the circulation of air, without compromising on space for sauna bathers.

grade aluminum bands

High Quality

Wrapping the sauna are high-quality, marine-grade aluminum bands, and all exposed hardware is stainless steel. This ensures that the Saunas stay completely rigid, watertight, and free of rust marks.

acrylic window add-on


A sealed Back Window can be provided for extra lighting on variants that use the electric heater only. This additional feature is tinted for extra privacy.

Check out our online shop page for more detail on specifications and accessory options.

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