Indoor Cabin Sauna

Step inside one of our beautifully crafted Red or White Cedar Indoor Cabin Saunas and feel your worries literally melt away.

These beautiful saunas are constructed using solid 2 x 6” tongue-and-groove walls, as well as a unique, dove-tailed notching system to secure the corners together. Details like this provide that quality feel that contributes to your enjoyment of the sauna, and further increases the durability.

Installing and using your sauna is a breeze, as they can be assembled in a matter of hours. They can also be taken apart and reassembled if you ever move to a new home, so you need never be without a sauna again!

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Dimensions (cm) Seats Material (Cedar Wood) Heater Size
3x6ft (92 x 183) 1-2 Clear or Knotty 4.5KW
4x6ft (122 x 183) 1-3 Clear or Knotty 4.5KW
4x7ft (122 x 213) 1-3 Clear 4.5KW
5x5ft (152 x 152) 2-3 Clear or Knotty 4.5KW
5x6ft (152 x 183) 2-3 Clear 6KW
5x7ft (152 x 213) 3-4 Clear 6KW
6x7ft (183 x 213) 3-5 Clear 8KW
6x8ft (183 x 244) 4-6 Clear 8KW


clear and knotty wood


The Indoor Cabin Sauna is available in knotty or clear red western cedar.

assembling the flooring

Easy Assemble

Our saunas’ are delivered flat packed but are designed so the customer can assemble the sauna without any complications

duckboard flooring


Our beautifully made duckboard flooring provides a strong and pleasingly tactile sensation underfoot

clear cedar wooden back support

Cedar Back Supports

All our indoor saunas include Clear Red Cedar Benches and back supports to make your experience effortlessly comfortable

green electric icon

Electric Heater

A top quality Harvia Sound electric heater that features built-in controls are included to bring the sauna up to your desired temperature with an absolute minimum of fuss

full glass door

Full Glass Door

The White Cedar option comes with 2-tier benches and a full glass sauna door to further enhance the luxury feel

Check out our online shop page for more detail on specifications and accessory options.

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