Outdoor Cabin Sauna

Verdure’s Outdoor Cabin Saunas bring all the beauty, functionality and experience of our classic barrel saunas, but in the cabin format some of our customers prefer. The outdoor cabin saunas fit perfectly on your decking or backyard patio.

Cedar has a very long life span in outdoor environments and the natural aroma makes it a perfect choice for outdoor saunas.

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Dimensions (cm) Seats Material (Cedar Wood) Heater Size
6x4ft (183 x 122) 1-2 Clear or Knotty 4.5KW
6x6ft (183 x 183) 3-4 Clear or Knotty 6KW or Wood
6x7ft (183 x 213) 4-5 Clear or Knotty 8KW or Wood
6x8ft (183 x 244) 5-6 Clear or Knotty 8KW or Wood


clear and knotty wood


The outdoor cabin sauna is available in knotty or clear red western cedar

glass door on front of cabin

Glass Door

A full glass sauna door is included with each package.

solid cedar wood flooring

Cedar Floor

Solid Cedar floor joists and cedar floor included in each sauna

clear cedar wood back support

Cedar Back Supports

All our indoor saunas include Clear Red Cedar Benches and back supports to make your experience effortlessly comfortable

green electric and fire icons


Either a wood burner (not available for 6ft x 4ft) or Harvia Sound electric heater that features built-in controls are included to bring the sauna up to your desired temperature.

cedar shake roof

Shake Roof

Cedar Shake Roof on each sauna kit

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