Pod Sauna

If our barrel saunas aren’t your thing, maybe our Pod Saunas will be to your fancy. The unique rain drop shape of our Pod saunas make them stand out in all environments.

The Pod design reduces the heating area and improves the circulation of heat inside the sauna; all without compromising on seating space.

green pod sauna


Dimensions (cm) Seats Material (Cedar Wood) Heater Size
8x6ft (244 x 183) 2-4 Clear or Knotty 6KW
8x7ft (244 x 213) 2-4 Clear or Knotty 8KW
8x8ft (244 x 244) 6-8 Clear or Knotty 8KW
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Pod Sauna Features

clear and knotty wood


The pod sauna is available in both knotty and clear Red Western Cedar.

green electric icon


We only offer Pod Saunas with electric heaters, but we’ll match up the correct kW heater for you so you don’t have to worry.

cedar single roofing


The Pod sauna is available in standard or cedar shingle roof.

green efficiency icon


The rain-drop shape gives extra room and lots of appeal, but also contributes to the efficiency of heat circulation.

pod sauna changing room


Additional features include: 2ft porch, 4ft change room, 2 windows in front wall, windows in back wall and cedar roof shingles.

cedar wood staves


 The staves are manufactured from 1.5 inch thick Canadian Cedar Wood, which provide the natural insulation and structural strength.